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Hill St. Luxury Chocolate Subscription (3, 6 or 10 months)

3 months 60.00

6 months 120.00

10 months 200.00

The Hill St. Luxury subscription (3, 6 or 10 months) is the perfect gift or a little indulgence for yourself. You or your lucky recipient will receive different luxury chocolate products every month, sent at the start of each month. We will include some, seasonal, exclusive recipes created for Hill St. Luxury Subscription members made by our exquisite chocolatiers.

All items in our subscription are gift wrapped and the first box will be sent with a gift card from ordering. Please specify a message at checkout. 

Every month we create a unique gift for our subscription customers. These range from our classic fresh chocolates, to new releases and customer favourites, along with seasonal products where possible. In the last couple of months, we have sent bespoke chocolate boxes with the new flavours created, along with classic favourites like the salted caramel and gianduja truffles. We do also send our bars and small variety boxes with products such as almond rocks, enrobed nuts and confit fruits. Importantly we ensure variety and that our customers receive a unique experience. Please be rest assured that presentation is so important to us and all our arrangements and boxes are presented as gifts. If you or your recipients have any preferences please do email us and let us know

From ordering we send out our subscriptions out in the middle of each month, normally just after the 15th of each month. When your subscription is a gift we can send a little gift as an opening to your recipients subscription gift. Please email us if this is your preference.

UK Nationwide delivery only.

Subscriptions run between the months of September through to June.