The Hill St. Exclusive Hamper

The Hill St. Exclusive Hamper


Hill St. Hamper: 16”

Limited Edition Chocolate Box

Gourmet Selection Box (500g)

Fresh luxury chocolate box - Size 2

Dark, Milk, White & Maldon salted caramel chocolate bars (4 x 75g)

Maldon Salted Carmel Spread / Praline Spread (300g)

Classic Hot Chocolate (450g)

Wafer crisp crunch (100g)

Rochers: 2 Milk and 2 Dark Rochers

Chocolate in a bottle: A sparkling white gourmet wine from the South of France, made from Chardonnay grapes and natural extracts of cacao and hazelnuts. Serve this drink very cool, it is great to accompany chocolates.

(Note this hamper contains alcohol)

These product contains nuts, dairy and gluten.

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