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Hill St. Advent Calendar 2022

Please click on our ingredients tab to analyse the contents of the calendar.

Luxury Assortment: Our Hill St. calendars are filled with a signature range of luxury chocolates made with the finest natural and local ingredients which span from the classics to bold and alluring flavours. Our diverse selection is certain to provide a real treat.

Conservation: To enjoy the fresh, intense flavours of our chocolate creations please consume on the intended day in December. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and at a stable temperate between 15-18 degrees centigrade. Best Before 25th December 2022

Allergens: This product contains nuts, dairy, gluten, eggs and cereal. This product is not suitable for people with allergies.

Sizes: Packaging - 230mm x 230mm x 25mm

Net Weight: 175g

Note: Please note the image is a representation and our advent calendar are crafted with a wide range of our luxury, signature chocolates.


1. Cinnamon milk chocolate ganache 2. Dark chocolate ganache 3. Blue mountain coffee ganache 4. Milk chocolate ganache 5. Fresh mint ganache 6. Vanilla ganache 7. Coconut and malibu ganache (Contains alcohol) 8. 40% Milk Christmas shapes 9. Nougat praline milk chocolate 10. Yuzu praline milk chocolate 11. Chocolate coated almonds 12. 32% Caramel Christmas shapes 13. Milk chocolate mini jewel (almond, pistachio, orange confit) 14. Dark chocolate ganache Christmas cube 15. Milk chocolate honey drop (decorated cocoa nibs) 16. Smoked praline milk chocolate 17. 66% Dark chocolate Christmas shapes 18. Dark chocolate Rocher 19. Milk chocolate ganache Christmas cube 20. Dark chocolate honey drop (decorated cocoa nibs) 21. Dark chocolate mini jewel (almond, pistachio, orange confit) 22. Chocolate coated hazelnuts 23. Dark chocolate raspberry praline 24. Milk chocolate Rocher